DTx East 2022 Agenda


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  • Day 1 - Tuesday, September 27th
  • Day 2 - Wednesday, September 28th
  • Day 3 - Thursday, September 29th
Day 1 - Tuesday, September 27th
8:00am EST

Registration & Networking

9:00am EST

Chairs Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene

Acacia Parks, Chief Bahavoural Officer, Found

9:10am EST

Keynote Panel Discussion: How can we Remove Friction from Across the Digital Therapeutics Lifecycle?

The digital therapeutics industry is multifaceted and is home to numerous stakeholders, all of which play their role in ensuring these effective digital solutions are effective, regulated and reach the hands of the patients. This panel, led by leaders from across the space, will discuss the areas within the digital therapeutics lifecycle where friction occurs and how we can overcome this to ensure accelerated adoption and improved health outcomes from those that need them most.

  • What are the most impactful friction points within the process from design to patient adoption and why are these occurring?
  • How can we streamline these processes to accelerate the current life cycle?
  • Which stakeholders within the industry can make the most difference through innovating their procedures?
  • Can these friction points be reduced via simple education of these new digital therapies?
  • What operational infrastructure needs to be implemented to enable smooth adoption of digital therapies within each stakeholder organization?
  • How can we break down silos to improve the workflows between stakeholders and increase not only the number of effective digital therapies for patients, but also the impact we can have on patients’ lives?

Nick Dougherty, VP, Digital, Allways Health Partners

Meg Barron, VP, Digital Health Strategy, American Medical Association

Belinda Brummett, Senior Director, Digital Health Engagement, Digital Business, Banner Health

Yuri Maricich, Chief Medical Officer, Pear Therapeutics

9:50am EST

Presentation:  An Update on Digital Therapeutics Regulation from the FDA

With many regarding the path to regulatory approval as undefined, the best place to hear exactly what to expect when entering this process, the evidence you must generate and the value you need to demonstrate, is from the experts at the FDA themselves. Here is your one-stop session for all things around digital therapeutics regulation.

Brandon O’Leary, Acting Director, Digital Health Centre of Excellence, U.S FDA

10:15am EST

Panel Discussion: Understanding the Reimbursement Landscape for Digital Therapeutics

Generating reliable and replicable reimbursement for digital therapeutics has been the industry’s top challenges since its inception. However, by utilizing varying business models and innovative strategies, many DTx companies are now generating revenue and getting their products into the hands of the patients. This panel, led by experts who are leading the way for reimbursement within DTx, will explore the opportunities for commercialization in digital therapeutics.

  • What are the current reimbursement opportunities available for digital therapeutics companies?
  • In which business models have we found success in and where needs work?
  • As an industry, what work is being done to address the reimbursement challenges for digital therapeutics?
  • What can we do as an industry to ensure there is continued innovation and improvement for reimbursement for digital therapeutics?

Moderated by Andy Molnar, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Jason Parent, Director, Clinical Innovation, Point32Health

Jo Masterson, Co-Founder & CEO, 2morrow

Chuck Gammal, Partner, Simon Kucher & Partners

10:55am EST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

DTx East will now split into two tracks. Attendees are welcome to attend either track 1 or track 2 and swap between during the course of the day.

Track 1 | Evidence

11:30am EST. Presentation: Better Therapeutics Case Study | Outlining their Randomized, Controlled Pivotal Trial for Diabetes Treatment

  • An insight into the Better Therapeutics randomized, controlled pivotal trial & the intricacies of running this
  • What were the findings of this study?
  • How are Better Therapeutics moving forward with this new data and what are the next steps?

Deepti Jaggi, Chief Commercial Officer, Better Therapeutics




11:55am EST.  Panel Discussion: Defining Best Practice when Launching and Running a Digital Therapeutic Clinical Trial

  • Outlining best practices for digital therapeutics clinical trials and RCT’s.
  • What are your options when running a clinical trial and are decentralized trials the next best thing?
  • How can you generate high quality RWE with your digital therapeutic and how can you demonstrate value with this?
  • What evidence is considered ‘good’ from a digital therapeutic clinical trial and how can you best present these for both reimbursement and regulatory approval?
  • An insight into the validation required for FDA & non-FDA regulated solutions

Maria Sullivan, VP, Clinical Development, Pear Therapeutics
Malinda Peeples, SVP, Clinical Services & Research, Welldoc
Vandana Menon, VP, Clinical Research & Evidence Generation, Akili Interactive

Track 2 | Commercial

11:30am EST. Presentation: Creating a Novel Data-Driven Approach for successful Payer Partnership Outcomes

  • An insight into Cognito’s new claims-based predictive model for partnering with payers to improve outcomes for alzheimer’s patients
  • How can this approach aid with improving the identification and treatment process of patients who suffer with Alzheimers?
  • What are the early successes seen from this new and adaptive process?

Everett Crosland, Chief Commercial Officer, Cognito Therapeutics



11:55am EST. Fireside Chat: Insights into a Mutually Beneficial Digital Therapeutic and Payer Partnership

  • What evidence, both clinical and economical, do payers need from perspective digital therapeutics to consider providing reimbursement?
  • What is the most important factor payers are looking for from a digital therapeutic?
  • How are Pear Therapeutics and MassHealth creating a mutually beneficial partnership to provide for their patients
  • It’s routinely mentioned that DTx companies must find the ‘internal champion’ with payer institutions. How can we improve this process to provide a defined route to payer access?
  • What can we expect from this partnership in the next two years?

Julia Strandberg, Chief Commercial Officer, Pear Therapeutics

Representative from MassHealth

12:35pm EST

Lunch & Networking

Track 1 | Evidence

1:50pm EST. Presentation: Partnering for Clinically Validated, Innovating Mental Healthcare 

  • An Insight into Meru Health’s and the NIH’s collaborative approach to evaluate their digital therapeutic
  • Why is this collaboration an important step in recognizing the need for both novel mental health solutions and their need to be clinically validated?
  • What can we expect from the findings of this study?

Kristian Ranta, Co-Founder & CEO, Meru Health

Representative from the National Institute of Health



2:15pm EST. Fireside Chat: Introducing the Digital Health Regulatory Pathways Project

In a recent survey of the digital medicine community, DiMe found that 25% of developers didn’t know whether their digital health product needed to be regulated. Of those who knew their product needed to be regulated, 75% reported not knowing the optimal pathway. This session, led by industry leaders from DiMe & the DTA, will explore the newly announced Digital Health Regulatory Pathways Project to provide you,  the DTx community, with all the info you’ll need to navigate this field.


  • An introduction to the digital health regulatory pathways project and insights into what this project is looking to provide digital health and digital therapeutics companies with.
  • What are the current challenges faced by DTx companies when deciding their regulatory pathway? 
  • How can identifying the right regulatory pathway for your digital therapeutic impact reimbursement, patient adoption and health outcomes?

Smit Patel, Director, Digital Medicine, DiMe Society


Track 2 | Commercial

1:50pm EST.  Presentation: Driving Business within Digital Therapeutics through the Government Sector

  • What are the opportunities for reimbursement and scaling revenue and engagement through the government sector?
  • Where have Freespira found success when partnering with the government sector?
  • How can you best approach the government sector to drive new business and how does the process differ to more traditional payer and employer partnerships?

Camille McMullen, VP, Government Sales, Freespira



2:15pm EST.  Panel Discussion: Understanding the Coding for Digital Health Reimbursement

  • Outlining the current coding for digital health reimbursement and the intricacies around what you can expect from each code
  • Understanding the new HCPCS CMS coding for prescription digital behavioral therapy and what this means for you as a digital therapeutics company
  • How can you best align your digital therapeutic with current codes and identify pathways for reimbursement?
  • An insight into working with policy makers to build new coding for digital therapeutic reimbursement

Moderated by Andy Molnar, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Beth Keyt, VP, Government Affairs, Pear Therapeutics

Jay Ahlman, VP, CPT Coding & Reimbursement Policy & Strategy, American Medical Association

Liesl Oldstone, VP, Health Economics & Market Access, AppliedVR

2:55pm EST

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

3:40pm EST

Panel Discussion: Where does Digital Health Start and Stop within Pharma?

With digital health having demonstrated both positive economic and health outcomes within the healthcare system, it comes as no surprise that the largest therapeutics developers, big pharma, are starting to integrate digital into their mainstream efforts. However, innovating within a workflow designed around traditional therapeutics poses key questions that remain unanswered around how exactly digital lies with a pharmaceutical company. This panel, led by senior leaders of the pharma world, will explore exactly where digital therapeutic efforts belong within pharma.

  • What are the key challenges in adopting digital therapeutic endeavors within pharma mainstream efforts?
  • Where does digital health start and stop and what falls under this umbrella e.g. Discovery, digital biomarkers, decentralized trials?
  • When should pharma be starting to explore the opportunities of digital healthcare and the economic and healthcare value it can create?
  • Can pharma go about this independently or is partnering for development and commercialization with DTx companies preferable?
  • Who should be owning and maintaining the post-launch operational efforts for digital therapeutics?
  • What will it take for digital to become an established and integral part of pharmas therapeutic outputs?

Moderated By: Shwen Gwee, VP, Head of Global Digital Strategy, Bristol Myers Squibb

Davide Ricci, VP, US Software as a Medical Device/Digital Therapeutics, Novo Nordisk

Brad Van Orden, Director, Digital Medicine & Digital Therapeutics, Bristol Myers Squibb

Joe Powers, VP & Chief Digital Business Officer, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies US

Ronny Hashmonay, Global Head of Business Transformation, Novartis

4:20pm EST

Fireside Chat: Building Creative Partnerships within Digital Therapeutics | A MedRhythms & Universal Music Group Case Study

Since the inception of the digital therapeutics industry, we’ve seen a number of partnerships between DTx companies and various stakeholders within the field blossom and prove impactful. However, these partnerships are typically between Payer Groups, Provider Systems, Pharma and Government Bodies. This session, led by the pioneers within two seemingly distinct industries, will explore the intricacies of thinking outside the box and building a creating partnership to improve both patient outreach and outcomes.

  • How and why has this partnership between MedRhythms and Universal Music Group come to fruition?
  • What opportunities can this partnership provide for each respective company?
  • How does this partnership differ from the more traditional partnerships we’ve seen over recent years within the DTx industry?
  • How will this partnering of two industry leaders aid in reaching more patients and improving health outcomes?
  • Is it time to start thinking more creatively around the partners digital therapeutics companies are working with and are partnerships like this likely to be more common in the future?
  • What excites you about this partnership?

Brian Harris, Co-Founder & CEO, MedRhythms

Bryan Stone, SVP, Business Development, Universal Music Group

5:00pm EST

Chairs Closing Remarks

Acacia Parks, Chief Bahavoural Officer, Found

5:05pm EST

Close of DTx East 2022 Day 1

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Day 2 - Wednesday, September 28th
8:00am EST

Registration & Networking 

9:00am EST

Chairs Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene 

Amir Lahav, Digital Health Innovation Advisor

9:05am EST

Keynote Presentation: We can do Better than Access: Akili’s Roadmap for how Digital Therapeutics can Set the Bar for Equitable Benefit

When discussing health equity and overcoming social determinants, progress is typically measured by access to high quality healthcare. However, access to healthcare doesn’t always lead to benefit. Akili Interactive has set out to ensure that not only can patients, across all social determinants, have improved access to healthcare but also that the healthcare they receive is effective.

Carl Gottlied, SVP, Head of Engineering, Akili Interactive

Andy Heusser, Senior Data Science Manager, Akili Interactive

9:30am EST

Keynote Panel Discussion: How can Digital Therapeutics Combat Health Equity Challenges & Bridge the Gap to High Quality Healthcare for all Social Determinants?

Digital Therapeutics have proven to improve patient accessibility, adoption and engagement while still delivering high quality clinical care and providing economical benefits. However, key challenges remain to ensure full integration into healthcare and ensuring health equity. This panel will explore the potential for digital therapeutics to deliver high-quality healthcare to all

  • Is the current healthcare system delivering high-quality healthcare to the entire population? 
  • What are the current limitations within the healthcare system that are preventing access to continuous quality care for all patients?
  • What are the social determinants that limit access to healthcare in the current climate?
  • How does digital health and digital therapeutics lend itself to improved healthcare equity?
  • How can robust personalized data generated by digital solutions help providers improve quality of care?
  • As an industry, how can we ensure the healthcare system continues to improve for all patients, regardless of social determinants?

Sarah Schenck, Medical Director, Virtualist Medicine, ChristianaCare Health System

Sean Kinsman, Chief Clinical Officer, Recovery One

Risa Weisberg, Chief Medical Officer, BehaVR

Tanya Dillard, VP, Strategy & Innovation, Transcarent

10:10am EST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

10:50am EST

Panel Discussion: ‘Cracking the Code’ for Patient Engagement 

Although a number of companies have found the formula for getting their digital therapeutics into the hands of the patients, the uptake of digital solutions by patients has been slow. This panel, led by those who have ‘cracked the code’ will explore strategies to improve patient engagement and truly put digital therapeutics on the map for when patients are searching for treatment options

  • Where have digital therapeutics companies found success in securing high level engagement at longevity by their patients?
  • How can you get patients to ‘Raise their hands’ and want to be treated by these novel approaches?
  • What strategies can be implemented to ‘cut through the noise’ and have your digital solution selected by the patient?
  • Which strategy has seen the most success in patient engagement e.g. Utilizing a payer, employer or direct to consumer?
  • Where have we seen success in utilizing this patient-focused design and development of digital therapeutics?

Dan Rimm, Head of Product, Click Therapeutics

Charles Haddad, AVP, Head of Product Strategy, Global Digital Health, Eli Lilly & Company

Veera Anantha, Co-Founder & CEO, Constant Therapy Health

11:30am EST

Panel Discussion: The Foundations of Digital Therapeutics | What Does it Mean to Build an Effective Digital Therapeutic?

  • How can we best identify the therapeutics areas that might benefit from digital therapeutics from a human-centered, patient centric & healthcare system perspective?
  • What should the ‘right’ design and development team consist of when building a digital health solution?
  • Understanding how to build an effective digital therapeutic while within the clinical, regulatory and design boundaries of the industry?
  • An insight into the importance of basing digital therapeutic development for widespread including across all social determinants
  • What are the key lessons learned of building a digital therapeutics product within a regulated environment?

Sarah Cooper, Product Manager, MedRhythms

Ted Burns, VP, Product, Propeller Health

Jefferson Howell, Head of Design, Eli Lilly & Company

12:10pm EST

Lunch & Networking

2:00pm EST

Presentation: Understanding the Intricacies of Clinician Workflow Integration for Digital Health Solutions

With new and innovative health solutions becoming readily available for healthcare providers, the physician’s workflow has been asked to adapt and tailor around the adoption of these new therapeutic approaches while developers of digital solutions are shooting for seamless integration. 

  • How seamlessly do digital therapeutics have to fit into the clinicians workflow? Is there any room for change within this workflow?
  • Is change a necessity as digital becomes a central pillar within the healthcare system?
  • What can digital therapeutics companies do to ensure seamless integration and improve adoption rates for providers?

Steven Driver, Medical Director, Digital Therapeutics, Advocate Aurora Health Technologies

2:25pm EST

Panel Discussion: What is the Digital Vision for Providers?

Digital therapeutics, with the exception of a few, are reliant on providers using their digital solution within their daily workflow in order to reach the patients. Over recent years, we have seen increased uptake from provider groups of these innovative solutions. However, key challenges remain that are slowing the uptake of digital therapeutics within the clinic. This panel, led by the experts, will discuss exactly what provider groups need to see from a digital therapeutics to adopt them into the clinic.

  • Where are we currently seeing success within the clinic? 
  • What clinical evidence do digital therapeutic companies need to demonstrate for providers to consider adoption?
  • How seamlessly do digital therapeutics have to fit into the clinicians workflow? Is there any room for change within this workflow?
  • How important is having guaranteed reimbursement for a digital solution to a provider? 
  • To the panelists: Do you believe digital health solutions will become a key tool within a clinicians workflow in the near future?

Kiran Avancha, Chief Innovation Officer, HonorHealth

Mark Zhang, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Digital Innovation, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Aaron Farber-Chen, Senior Manager for Clinical Innovation, Boston Children’s Hospital

3:05pm EST

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

3:45pm EST

Presentation: Supercharging Digital Therapeutics with Novel Sensor Tech

  • How are Welldoc utilizing novel sensor tech to enhance the impact of their digital therapeutics?
  • What results are Welldoc seeing from this new approach?
  • How can this work lead to an improved usage of digital therapeutics for patients in the future?

Anand Iyer, Chief Strategy Officer, Welldoc


Presentation: Digital Solutions Beyond the Pill: Combining Companion DTx Apps with Traditional Drug Therapies

  • An insight into Pharma’s use of a digital companion for traditional pharmacological treatments 
  • Can digital companions improve patient health outcomes?
  • What are the impacts for reimbursements when combining a digital solution with a traditional drug as a single therapeutic method

Amir Lahav, Digital Health Innovation Advisor

4:35pm EST

Panel Discussion: Ticking the Boxes for Investment within Digital Therapeutics

Whether you’re just kickstarting your digital therapeutic endeavors or undergoing your Series C funding round, demonstrating both clinical and economic value to investors is crucial in securing investment. This panel, led by the experts in the field, will dive into the intricacies of obtaining investment and ensure you are ‘ticking all the necessary boxes’.

  • How can digital therapeutic companies stand out from the crowd to obtain funding rounds?
  • What must DTx companies have in place to achieve successful funding rounds?
  • What are investors and VC firms looking for in DTx companies that will help them ‘pull the trigger’ on investment?
  • What key piece of information would each panelist like to provide the audience to aid them in their funding endeavors?

Anish Shindore, Founder & Managing Partner, GSD Health

Adam Kundzewicz, Executive Director, Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund

Faisal Al-Husry, Principal, Hikma Ventures

5:15pm EST

Chairs Closing remarks 

Amir Lahav, Digital Health Innovation Advisor

5:20pm EST

Close of DTx East 2022 Day 2

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Day 3 - Thursday, September 29th
8:00am EST

Registration & Networking | Conference Platform Opens

9:00am EST

Chairs Opening Remarks & Setting the Scene


9:05am EST

Keynote Fireside Chat: DTx and Pharma: Beyond Commercialization

Biopharma and digital health companies have tried to partner in the past with little success to show for it. Join DarioHealth and Sanofi for a close look at how a new relationship was shaped for success by learning from the lessons of the past and building a scope that moved collaboration beyond commercialization to develop a deeper and more valuable way to address unmet needs in the health care landscape.

Omar Manejwala, Chief Medical Officer, Dario Health

Alexander Condoleon, Vice President, Head of the Digital Healthcare – US, General Medicines Business Unit, Sanofi

9:45am EST

Presentation: The Future of DTx: Medication Targeting

Digital therapeutics reflect many of the positive traits of medications, yet medications remain the most accessible option – and often the only option – for patients seeking mental health treatment. In 2022, Big Health announced Medication Targeting℠ in partnership with leading pharmacy benefits managers. Medication Targeting is a first-of-its-kind program that provides patients using mental health medications real time access to digital therapeutics – effectively providing access to guideline recommended mental health care for the first time at-scale. 

This fireside chat will go in-depth about how to create powerful partnerships that leverage data to deliver clinical-grade solutions to patients exactly when and where they need them to truly unlock the potential of digital therapeutics.

Juliette McClendon, Director of Medical Affairs, Big Health

10:05am EST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

10:45am EST

Presentation: Treating Brain Disorders with Personalized Neuromodulation | A Neuroelectrics Case Study

  • An insight into Neuroelectrics approach in treating brain disorders through a controlled delivery mechanism
  • What successes have Neuroelectrics seen on patients with this novel approach for CNS disease treatments?
  • Witness a live product demo of neuroelectrics

Ana Maiques, Chief Executive Officer, Neuroelectrics

11:10am EST

Panel Discussion: Session to be Announced

11:50am EST

Chairs Closing Remarks

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