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  • Day 1 - Tuesday, September 26th
  • Day 2 - Wednesday, September 27th
  • Day 3 - Thursday, September 28th
Day 1 - Tuesday, September 26th
8:00am EST

Registration & Networking 

9:00am EST

Chair’s Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene

Seth Feuerstein, Founder & CEO, Oui Therapeutics

9:10am EST

Keynote Panel Discussion: DTx Today: Are We Where We Thought We Would Be?

  • Has 2023 panned out differently to how you envisioned it to?
  • What’s gone right? Can each speaker give one aspect of the industry which is prospering?
  • Now, what’s gone wrong? Can each speaker give one aspect of the industry which is struggling?
  • Which stakeholders need to take charge and help to implement change?

Moderator: Andy Molnar, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance
Michael Hasselberg, Chief Digital Health Officer, University of Rochester Medical Center
Omar Manejwala, Chief Medical Officer, Dario Health
John Campbell, Head of Decentralized Clinical Trials, Walgreens
Liesl Oldstone, Vice President, Health Economics & Market Access, AppliedVR
Chuck Gammal, Partner, Simon-Kucher

10:00am EST

Keynote Panel Discussion: Details Matter: Best Practices for Evidence Assessment in Digital Health

  • How should evidence be used to inform adoption decisions for digital health interventions?
  • How can digital health solutions providers generate appropriate evidence in an efficient and feasible manner?
  • What evidence quality criteria may be important when assessing the potential health equity impact of digital health interventions? Beyond encouraging representativeness, what are best practices to investigate (at least) noninferiority in underserved patient groups?
  • What are some key quality criteria for assessment of real-world evidence in digital health? When is this term appropriate—and when can it be misleading?
  • What are some of the highest priority steps we can take in the digital health community to move in an evidence-based direction and improve clinical outcomes across diverse groups of patients?

Moderator: Jordan Silberman, Director of Clinical Analytics and Research, Digital Care Delivery, Elevance Health
Siavash Sarlati, Medical Director, Elevance Health
Smit Patel, Associate Program Director, Digital Medicine Society
Andrey Ostrovsky, Former Chief Medical Officer, US Medicaid Program
Sonja Fulmer, Deputy Director, Digital Health Center of Excellence, FDA

11:00am EST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

DTx East will now split into two tracks. Attendees are welcome to attend either Track 1 or Track 2 and swap between them during the course of the day.

Track 1 | Next Steps in DTx

Chaired by Seth Feuerstein, Founder & CEO, Oui Therapeutics

11:40am EST

Presentation: The Role of DTx Partnerships, Pharmaceuticals and Technology in Transforming Healthcare

  • How is the emergence of AI and technology helping to transform healthcare?
  • Why is regulation key to advancing health innovation?
  • What are the use cases where DTx is making an impact for both pharma and patients?
  • What are the lessons learnt from successful real world partnerships?

Mert Aral, Chief Medical Officer, Huma

12:10pm EST

Panel Discussion: Diversifying the DTx Portfolio

  • Does having one end solution cut it?
  • How would you define the current climate of digital therapeutics?
  • Are we seeing an urgency for companies to branch out from solely DTx solutions?
  • Which stakeholders should companies be looking to partner up with?
  • How do companies need to be thinking to survive in the DTx industry?

Patricia Bradley, Global Chief Commercial Officer, MindMaze
Ciara Clancy, Chief Executive Officer, Beats Medical
Kal Patel, MD, Co-Founder & CEO, BrightInsight
Josh Gaffey, VP Digital Health & Medicine, Head of Strategy, Pipeline & Engineering, Pfizer
Joseph Cafazzo, Centre for Digital Therapeutics, University Health Network


Track 2 | DTx 101

Chaired by Amir Lahav, Strategic Advisor, Pharma & MedTech

11:40am EST

Presentation: Truly Defining Digital Therapeutics

  • What is the role of Digital Therapeutics (DTx) as a change-maker in the healthcare ecosystem, particularly in terms of creating equitable access to healthcare?
  • What does DTx encompass beyond its hardware and software components, including tech-enabled therapy and healthcare delivery, and how does this broader perspective impact product strategy?
  • How can a DTx company develop a successful and evolving business strategy in light of the evolving frameworks for regulation and reimbursement in the DTx industry?

Kim Baden-Kristensen, Founder & CEO, Brain+

12:05pm EST

Strategies for Accelerating DTx Software Releases: Achieving Rapid Deployment and Regulatory Compliance

  • Move faster with best software development practices: Explore best practices for R&D and QA teams to build and deploy cloud-based, FDA-regulated software at scale by streamlining release cycles and leveraging new tools to improve quality/compliance SOPs. 
  • Tackling Common Issues in Medical Software Development: Learn best practices for tackling the most common pain points of medical software development, including delayed release times, increasing demands of traceability, and continuous risk management. 
  • Gain a competitive edge by strategically addressing regulatory requirements: Gain an overview of the critical changes in medical software regulations over the last 6 months, including the October 1st deadline for critical new software requirements.

Erez Kaminiski, CEO & Co-Founder, Ketryx

12:30pm EST

Panel Discussion: The Key Components of Building a Successful DTx Product

  • What are the elements you must take into account when building a DTx product?
  • Has the criteria changed over the past few years?
  • What are the major stakeholders looking to see in a digital therapeutic: Policy makers, HCPS and Payers?
  • How should you be thinking about the patient when building your digital therapeutic?

Moderator: Mette Dhyrberg, Founder & CEO, Mymee
Mark Guarraia, VP, Design & User Experience, Novo Nordisk
Acacia Parks, Founder, Liquid Amber
Diane Gomez-Thinnes, Chief Commercial Officer, Better Therapeutics
Tim Campellone
, VP, Translational Science, Woebot Health


1:10pm EST

Lunch & Networking

2:30pm EST
Track 1 | Next Steps in DTx

2:30pm EST

Presentation: Good Data Stewardship Benefits us All: How to Protect Every Stakeholder in Healthcare

  • What does good data stewardship entail, and why is it important?
  • What role do DTx platforms play in facilitating the movement of data in the healthcare ecosystem? How do we plan for data reuse and outline permissions for new use cases with existing data, especially as more data streams become available?
  • Which security measures, certifications, and data harmonization practices should DTx platforms obtain or perform to protect every stakeholder in healthcare? What are the regulatory compliance implications of emerging requirements such as FDA 21CFR Part 11?
  • How should pharma, health systems, and payers engage with DTx platforms to ensure good data stewardship and maintain patient trust?

Yury Rozenman, SVP of Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, Propeller Health

2:55pm EST

Panel Discussion: Bringing Digital into Women’s Health: The Future of Femtech

  • How can digital tools be best utilized to reimagine women’s health?
  • Which companies are doing interesting work in the space? What can they teach us?
  • How can DTx be incorporated to make Femtech more accessible?
  • What are the current challenges in providing accessible and high quality perinatal care?
  • Where are we seeing gaps in provider understanding & education of women’s health journey and how can we strategize to tackle these?

Moderator: Renae  Beaumont, Assistant Professor of Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medicine
Missy Lavender, Chief Executive Officer, Renalis Health
Elina Berglund, Chief Executive Officer  Natural Cycles
Eileen Maus, Chief Executive Officer, Axena Health


Track 2 | DTx 101

2:30pm EST

Presentation: Laying Out the Roadmap for Achieving Commercial Success in Digital Therapeutics

  • What are your options for achieving commercial success?
  • What does DTx bring to the table that other medical solutions are missing?
  • How to build a well polished digital therapeutics commercial business model?

Joe Perekupka, Chief Executive Officer, Freespira

2:55pm EST

Panel Discussion: What I Didn’t Know That I Do Know Now…

  • Lessons learnt from the DTx veterans
  • Tips and tricks for starting a digital therapeutics company
  • What should companies avoid when entering the market?
  • How to make your business model attractive to investors?
  • What are some key trends and advancements to watch for in the DTx space over the next few years?

Anand Iyer, Chief Analytics Officer, Welldoc
Matthias Zenker, Chief Medical Solutions Officer, GAIA AG
Scott Kollins, Chief Medical Officer, Akili Interactive
Shwen Gwee, Former VP & Head of Global Strategy Digital, Formerly at Bristol Myers Squibb



3:40pm EST

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

4:10pm EST

Panel Discussion: Breaking Down the Wall of Provider & Patient Adoption of DTx: What’s Still Stopping Us?

  • What are the key areas we need to address to help increase adoption of digital health tools?
  • How do we better educate physicians and patients that DTx can solve unmet medical needs? Is evidence lacking?
  • What changes need to be made within the clinician workflow to give HCPs better access to digital therapeutics?
  • Are people ready for DTx? What’s it going to take? Are we stuck?

Moderator: Diane Gomez-Thinnes, Chief Commercial Officer, Better Therapeutics
Jordan Glenn, Chief Science Officer, Neurotrack
Benjamin Alouf, Former Chief Medical Officer, Formerly at Limbix
JD Friedland, Managing Director, Ventures, Cleveland Clinic
Peter Clardy, Senior Clinical Specialist, Google


Chair’s Closing Remarks

Seth Feuerstein, Founder & CEO, Oui Therapeutics


DTx East Drinks Reception

6:00pm EST

End of  DTx East Day 1

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Day 2 - Wednesday, September 27th
8:00am EST

Registration & Networking

9:00am EST

Chair’s Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene

Frank Karbe, Chief Executive Officer, Better Therapeutics

9:10am EST

Keynote Fireside Chat: Data-Driven Empowerment of Patients Towards Shared Decision Making for Improved Outcomes

  • How can patients’ voices be elevated in clinical decision making to ensure the right care is delivered at the right time?
  • What approach can be taken for true patient-centric design to ensure unmet needs are solved?
  • Which types of partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem look to be successful in creating these types of solutions and what is the role of Pharma in this?
  • How have Dawn Health and Novartis approached these aspects when developing the Ekiva solution for MS patients that aims to empower patients through remote disease activity tracking?
  • What is required to make these kinds of solutions sustainable over the longer term and which disease areas are most relevant for this type of offering?

Daniel Gewecke Daugaard, Founder & Co-CEO, Dawn Health
Anders Tveteraas, International Head of Patient Solutions & Services, Novartis

9:40am EST

Keynote Fireside Chat: Leveraging DTx to Build the Future of Employee Benefits

  • Insights into a successful global rollout
  • What is the value of DTx to employees/customers?
  • How can DTx enhance employee benefits?

Chris Wasden, Chief Strategy Officer, Twill
Eliane Boucher, Senior Director, Behavioural Science, Twill
Julie Anderson, Principal, Behavioural Health Solutions, Amazon

10:10am EST

Keynote Panel Discussion: Painting the Picture of the Future of Digital Therapeutic Partnerships

  • Who will DTx be looking to partner with going into 2024?
  • What role is pharma going to continue to play in digital therapeutics?
  • What options do digital therapeutic companies have when it comes to partnering?
  • How do you ensure you’re making the right decision between Pharma, Employers, HCPs, etc.?

Moderator: Anish Shindore, Managing Partner, GSD Health
Shirin Ahmed, Head of Strategy & Innovation in Care, AstraZeneca
 Shanbhag, Chief Financial Officer, Akili Interactive
Sam Oddsson, Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer, Sidekick Health
Amy McDonough, Managing Director & GM, Fitbit Health Solutions, Google

10:50am EST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

Track 1 | Commercial

Chaired by Frank Karbe, Chief Executive Officer, Better Therapeutics

11:20am EST

Presentation: Scaling Global Delivery of Patient Digital Health Apps: Lessons and Expert Tips

  • How a global API-driven platform provided the necessary agility and infrastructure to launch patient apps with deep functionality at an accelerated speed
  • Extended benefits of extensible data model and agile processes that accelerate time to market
  • Overcoming challenges for commercial teams to develop and launch custom digital health apps at scale across various health conditions and therapeutic areas worldwide
  • Ensuring patient-centricity of companion apps without compromising privacy, security, and compliance with national, regional, and local laws and regulations

Syed Arshad, Chief Executive Officer, NewPage Solutions
Amjad Khan, VP Customer Success, NewPage Solutions

11:50am EST

Presentation: Latest DTx Market Trends and Value Proposition

  • What are the latest DTx and broader digital health solution trends based on IQVIA’s AppScript digital health database and IQVIA’s Institute of Human Data Science research insights on digital biomarker data?   
  • What opportunities and challenges are companies currently facing in demonstrating value and commercializing DTx and digital health solutions across markets, in the context of emerging reimbursement pathways?
  • How and why are biopharma organizations and digital health companies partnering together to realize the value potential of digital health solutions, and what are the industry implications moving forward?

Nick Mageras, Principal, Digital Health Strategy Consulting, IQVIA
Deanna Nass, Research Director, IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science, IQVIA

12:15pm EST

Presentation: Dropping a DTx into the Ecosystem Doesn’t Guarantee They will Use It:  Deploying Implementation and Commercialization Strategies that Work

  • Explore three key strategies to avoid the graveyard of failed digital therapeutics
  • Learn how Glooko leverages the patient-provider therapeutic alliance to catalyze DTx commercialization and adoption
  • Discuss the value of precision engagement to drive a sustainable and continuously improving product 

Mark Clements, Chief Medical Officer, Glooko

12:40pm EST

Panel Discussion: Beyond the Download: Exploring Techniques for Long-Term Patient Engagement in Digital Therapeutics

  • What strategies are DTx companies implementing to increase long-term retention of their products?
  • Where are we seeing the most success in patient engagement e.g. Utilizing a payer, employer or direct to consumer?
  • How can digital be utilized to better the patient journey?

Moderator: Laura Yecies, Chief Executive Officer, Bone Health Technologies
Neil Hattangadi, Chief Executive Officer, Cortica
Vijay Ravindran, Chief Executive Officer, Floreo
Craig Lund, Chief Executive Officer, Mightier
Jessica McKinney, VP Clinical Affairs & Global Health, Axena Health

Track 2 | Evidence

Chaired by Ana Maiques, Chief Executive Officer, Neuroelectrics

11:20am EST

Case Study: Designing Clinical Trials for Digital Therapeutics:  Best Practices and Lessons Learned

  • Real-world case studies highlighting the importance of reaching, recruiting, and, most importantly, retaining a diverse target population longitudinally to generate robust real-world evidence. 
  • Overview of the Intuition Study and the early learnings showing the feasibility of understanding real-world cognitive outcomes

Abhishek Pratap, Senior Clinical Program Leader, CNS, Boehringer Ingelheim
Richard Hughes, Head of Cognitive & Mental Health Sciences, Biogen

11:50am EST

Panel Discussion: Triumphing Over Obstacles: Our Journey Through the Digital Health Evidence Generation for an SaMD Product

  • The digital health industry is expanding quickly—but not always successfully—with new and innovative products and services being introduced at a steady pace. 
  • However, ensuring the safety, efficacy and value of these products requires a strong focus on evidence generation.  
  • Here we will explore the experiences and perspectives of experts who have played a crucial role in validating life-saving digital health products to market.

Moderator: Eugene Borukhovich, Co-Founder & COO, YourCoach Health
F. Perry Wilson, Associate Professor of Medicine & Public Health | Director of the Clinical and Translational Research Accelerator, Yale School of Medicine
Adriano Garcez, Digital Evidence Generation Director, ZS
Eliane Boucher, Senior Director, Behavioural Science, Twill

12:30pm EST

Panel Discussion: Challenges and Solutions in Conducting Clinical Trials for Digital Therapeutics

  • Are digital biomarkers and wearables going to streamline clinical trials to make them more efficient?
  • What seems to be getting in the way of adopting decentralized clinical trials? What are we waiting for?
  • Are we taking enough consideration to ensure that socio-economic, gender and racial diversity is the data?
  • What does the future of DTx clinical trials look like?
  • What advice would you give to start-ups when running their first DTx clinical trial?

Moderator: Danielle Bradley, Senior Director of Clinical Value & Evidence, Big Health
Tim Callahan, VP, Scientific Affairs, Philips Pharma Solutions
Elena Heber, Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer,  HelloBetter
Kristen Harnack, Director of Solutions Consulting, Castor

1:20pm EST

Lunch & Networking

Track 1 | Commercial

2:30pm EST

Presentation: 5 Ruinous Blunders Companies Make When Presenting to Payers and How to Fix Them

  • Getting to Grips with Digital Therapeutic Reimbursement and Public Policy Opportunities
  • An update on the current DTx reimbursement landscape, how is this changing?
  • Which business models are more attractive to payers?
  • What are the legislative options for reimbursing digital therapeutics?

Matthew Tucker, Chief Commercial Officer, Nightware

2:55pm EST

Fireside Chat: Understanding the Fundamental Differences Between Scaling DTx in the US vs Europe

  • What are the different challenges we’re facing in market entry and how to mitigate them? 
  • How to manage varying legislation requirements?
  • How to ensure you have a plan for scaling when awaiting reimbursement?
  • What changes can we see in the landscape in the EU and in the US?
  • How to manage the changing trends in DTx, including hybrid models and app fatigue?
  • What is the next wave for DTx?

Emanuela Kufel, Co-Founder & UK CEO, Prosoma
Andrzej Jonczyk, CoFounder, Chief Strategy Officer & Head of USA, Prosoma


Track 2 | Evidence

2:30pm EST

Presentation: How the VA Plan to Integrate Digital Into Their Workflow

  • How can digital be incorporated into healthcare to deliver more appropriate care models?
  • What is the VA looking for when assessing digital therapeutic tools?
  • What are your options when building your payment model?

Cole Zanetti, Chief Health Informatics Officer | Senior Advisor for the VA Center for Care & Payment Innovation, U.S Department of Veterans Affairs

2:55pm EST

Panel Discussion: Managing the Regulatory Obstacles for SaMDs in 2023

  • There is an unwritten dichotomy between what software based DTx are & how the regulatory frameworks are organized
  • How much of an algorithm can you change for its regulatory classification to change? 
  • How are companies managing to innovate software with regulatory barriers in the way?
  • What needs to change in the framework?
  • How do we implement the change?

Moderator: Smit Patel, Associate Director, Digital Medicine Society
Jyotsna Mehta
, Founder & CEO, Keva Health
Carrie Nixon, Managing Partner, Nixon Gwilt Law
Sonja Fulmer, Deputy Director, Digital Health Center of Excellence, FDA
Bunty Kundnani, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Qure.ai
Andy Molnar, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance


3:35pm EST

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

4:10pm EST

Fireside Chat: Forging Alliances and Breaking Boundaries: What we learned from a Pioneering Digital Health-Payer Partnership

  • How did we build a successful Digital Health-Payer partnership?
  • What did we do right, and what would we do differently?
  • How did we measure the impact of the digital solution?

Moderator: Smit Patel, Associate Program Director, Digital Medicine Society
Sam Oddson, Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer, Sidekick Health
Sophie Clarke, Head of Clinical Service Line Strategy & Partnerships, Elevance Health

4:40pm EST

Panel Discussion: Rethinking the Rules on Digital Therapeutics Commercial Strategy

  • What commercial models exist outside of the PDTs route?
  • How may certain product profiles suit some commercial models better than others?
  • Where should DTx companies be looking for partners to help scale-up business?
  • How can DTx companies collaborate with one another?
  • What can DTx learn from telehealth, digital health and virtual first care?
  • What’s the missing piece to scaling DTx?

Moderator: Matthew Tucker, Chief Commercial Officer, Nightware 
Danny Kim, Head of WELT USA, WELT
Theo Ahadome, Commercial Advisor, MDisrupt
Shefali Shah, Global VP, Market Value & Commercial Effectiveness, MindMaze
David Klein, Co-Founder & CEO, Click Therapeutics

5:20pm EST

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Frank Karbe, Chief Executive Officer, Better Therapeutics

5:30pm EST

End of DTx East Day 2

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Day 3 - Thursday, September 28th
8:00am EST

Registration & Networking 

9:00am EST

Chair’s Opening Remarks & Setting the Scene

Risa Weisberg, Chief Clinical Officer, BehaVR

9:10am EST

Shark Tank Pitches – DTx Start-Up Companies Pitch to A Panel of Investors

Start-Up DTx  Companies

Byung-Hoon Kim, Chief AI Officer, EverEx
Raeva Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Rebound Health
Ravan Boddu, Co-Founder & COO, CyberLiver
Nicolas Jimenez, Co-Founder & CEO, Kinesix-VR


Linda Li, Partner, Cleveland Clinic Ventures
Matias Paniagua, Associate,  Insight Partners
Alyssa Reisner, Director & Principal, CVS Ventures
Adam Kundzewicz, Executive Director, Venture Fund, Boehringer Ingelheim

10:40am EST

Meet the Digital Therapeutic Innovators: DTx East 2023 Poster Showcase

Explore how these digital therapeutics are reshaping patient care, enhancing treatment outcomes, and driving healthcare accessibility. Join us for the poster showcase and grab a glimpse into the future of healthcare delivery and how technology is paving the way for personalized, effective, and accessible therapeutic solutions.

Hosted by Acacia Parks, Founder, Liquid Amber

11:40am EST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

12:10pm EST

Closing Panel: Lessons Learnt from a Decade in DTx: How to Stay Thriving

  • A deep dive into how you shouldn’t build a digital therapeutics business
  • Industry pioneers discuss learnings after 10 years of barrier breaking, successes, false starts, and pivots
  • What are some emerging trends in the industry that may affect the success of digital therapeutics companies?
  • What could Pear Therapeutics have done differently looking back?
  • Where are the warning signs that a digital therapeutics company may be in trouble?
  • Going forward, how can others learn from these failures to avoid making similar mistakes?

Eddie Martucci, Chief Executive Officer, Akili Interactive
Andy Molnar, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance
Edward Cox, Head & General Manager of Digital Health, Pfizer
David Klein, Co-Founder & CEO, Click Therapeutics

12:50pm EST

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Risa Weisberg, Chief Clinical Officer, BehaVR

1:00pm EST

Close of DTx East 2023

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