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Our data is enabling us to understand more about what aspects of therapy work for different people, based on variables such as behavioral, cognitive, and biochemical biomarkers. We will be using our data to bring personalized care to mental health treatment. We are also conducting research to learn how we can prevent relapse, and potentially stop mental illness from occurring. 


Ieso Digital Health Video Links

How science is changing our understanding of psychological therapy 

TEDxNatick Talk: Artificial Intelligence Meets Mental Health Therapy

TEDMED 60 second story of Ieso’s Eight Billion Minds research program


DTx Industry Insights Interview: Andy Blackwell 

In the latest interview of the Industry Insights series, we caught up with Andy Blackwell, Chief Scientific & Strategy Officer at Ieso Digital Health. Andy shares his insights on the current climate of digital therapeutics and also his thoughts on the following:

  • How should digital therapeutics companies be working with patients to ensure that these products truly deliver on their promise of better care?

  • What impact do you expect Covid-19 to have on the long-term adoption of the digital therapeutics market?

  • What has the data shown you about the impact of Covid-19 on your patients?

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